TERRA INCOGNITA, moniker for Beatriz Pinta, is an independent graphic design practice based in Lisbon. To seek unexplored routes and chart unmapped territories is the modus operandi of the multidisciplinary practice, which acts on both commercial and research areas. In commissioned projects, this is articulated conceptually and/or aesthetically, by instigating unconventional ways of thinking for the conception of its designs. In research, its aim is to highlight and explore the nuances between design, anthropology and political science.

Outside TERRA INCOGNITA, Beatriz is part of Hiatus Collective—acting as co-founder, co-editor and writer for Rife Magazine—and works as a graphic designer at the Lisbon Architecture Triennale.

Services include visual identity, branding, website design, editorial design, type design, exhibition design and signage. For enquiries, collaborations or a casual exchange of emails please refer to [email protected].

This space is a showcase of a selection of commissioned and self-initiated work. All content © TERRA INCOGNITA / Beatriz Pinta and collaborators. Do not use without written permission.

C24 Archive One
Release May 2021

FORM Magazine #289
Essen und Design

Collide 24
Interview: The Magazine “Rife” by Hiatus Collective Taps the Full Potential of Digital Publishing

Elephant – Zine of The Month
Interview: Born During a Pandemic, This Smart Digital Zine Questions Our New Reality

AIGA Eye on Design
Design Diary No. 264
Design Diary No. 231


It Takes Several Minutes for the Eyes to Adjust to the Dark (2019)


CLOG #18 – Feeds
You’ve Been Caught Up
Release 2021

Slanted Magazine #36 – Coexist
The Breeding Ground for Change
October 2020

MA Communication Design
Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon

BA Communication Design
Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon

2014-2016 (incomplete)
BSc Economics
Stockholm University

2013-2014 (incomplete)
BSc Political Economy
King’s College London